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Testimonials Thank you for all your lovely comments

Children looking forward to eating Christmas Pudding

“Our Christmas pudding has arrived and we can't wait to eat it at Christmas. Me and my husband only ever used to eat a token piece of Christmas pudding as it was traditional in both our families. After discovering Figgy's Christmas puddings we now go back for seconds.”
S Kemp, Nov 2020

“Well done with your continued success. It is so well deserved because a Christmas without a Figgy Pudding would be very grim indeed.”
N Martin, Oct 2020

“With all that is going on in our strange world at the moment, it’s good to know we can rely on Figgy’s for a wee bit of normality. Thank you to you and your wonderful puds!”
C Crawford, Oct 2020

“Thank you so much for getting our pudding to us before Christmas. I really thought we had left too late this year. We have enjoyed your puddings for a few years now and yesterday was no exception!”
G Thomas, Dec 2019

“ My first experience this year. Delicious pudding, thank you!”
M Lawson, Dec 2019

“They are fabulous puddings, we’ve had them for a couple of years now and always look forward to them.”
P Pitts, Dec 2019

“Beautiful tasty Christmas puddings - do try one.”
C Holman-lobb, Dec 2019

“For the fourth year in a row we were lucky enough to have your pudding and once again it was fantastic, thank you! Anyone out there who hasn’t had the pleasure of tasting this deliciousness, do so, you will not be disappointed!”
C Crawford, Dec 2019

We’ve all just tucked into one of your puddings for the first time today and it’s without a doubt the best we’ve ever had. Absolutely delicious, thank you!

S Rushton, Dec 2019

“Thank you ever so much for such a prompt service. The puddings arrived this morning and Mum was absolutely thrilled. We were delighted to discover you last year... your puddings made such an impact that I've been waiting in eager anticipation all year for Christmas to come round again!”
R Smith, Dec 2019

“Thank you for yet another perfect Christmas pudding, not a scrap left on the day.”
D Stokes, Jan 2019

“Everyone loved the pud, even those who would not usually eat Christmas pudding! There was none left and they were delicious!”
C Mitchell, Jan 2019

“I saw your article in Women and Home so bought one for Christmas Day and one for Boxing Day and they were absolutely delicious.”
A Edwards, Jan 2019

“When I came over on a short break to stay with friends before Christmas, they took me to the Exeter Christmas Market. I tasted one of your puddings and it was the best I had ever tasted. I bought two small ones as presents and a medium one for Christmas Day. Well the Christmas Day one was polished off and everyone that had it said it was the best they had ever tasted! Even my sister, who is not that keen on Christmas Pudding, loved it!”
J Trebert, Jan 2019

“The pudding was absolutely delicious! Best I've ever tasted! Thanks for sending it very quickly... you have another long-term customer here, thumbs up.”
T Doughty, Dec 2018

“I really just wanted to say wow and thank you for your product. My partner and I have devoured the lot!.”
W Shuttle, Dec 2018

The Christmas pudding was truly amazing, the best we have ever tasted!

S Bayne, Jan 2019

“We enjoyed our pudding (as usual) but the ones I sent as gifts also went down especially well. Comments like, so light, beautiful flavour etc. Carry on the good work and I hope 2018 is a good year for you and your family.”
E Prichard, Jan 2018

“We bought one of your Christmas puddings here in Oxford and we will never buy anything but your puddings again. It was totally fantastic and easily the best we have ever had. Thanks so much!”
J Roberts, Jan 2018

“I'd just like to thank you for my figgy pudding which I enjoyed over Christmas. It was the best one, full of flavour and I will be ordering again for 2018.”
D Lewis, Jan 2018

“Just a quick note to thank you SO much for the absolutely delicious puddings you sent us. We all enjoyed them right down to the last crumb and I will certainly be ordering from you next year.”
A Locke, Jan 2018

“Just a quick email to thank you for our delicious pudding which we had today. Suffice to say not a crumb was left!! Thank you again - and we’re already looking forward to our next one.”
J & T Ford, Jan 2018

“We purchased one of your puddings at the Christmas craft fair at Blenheim. It was the best pudding ever! We really enjoyed it on Christmas Day. Thank you!”
M Adamson, Jan 2018

“Wanted you to know, having eaten our Christmas pudding yesterday, that it was the best pudding I have ever tasted - just perfect and not heavy. Absolutely delicious and enjoyed by everyone. Will definitely be ordering next year. Thank you!”
A Tolley, Jan 2018

“Thank you for your delicious Christmas pudding. Definitely home made, most enjoyable. Made pudding a knock out. I look forward to reordering in 2018 - now a regular!”
B Coombes, Jan 2018

“Just tasted your Christmas pudding, which my wife ordered from you online, and it was the best I have ever tasted. Really wonderful!”
P Radzan, Dec 2017

“We wanted to thank you so much for the best Christmas pudding that we have ever had. We bought it at the Exeter Christmas Market and brought it back to Canada to have with our Christmas dinner. Everybody was thrilled by the taste. Thank you.”
J Smith, Dec 2017

“Thank you yet again for another wonderful fruity flavourful pudding... best ever and not a crumb left.”
Arnold Family, Jan 2017

“Your Christmas pudding was absolutely amazing!!!”
L Brown, Jan 2017

“Thank you for yet another perfect Christmas pudding, not a scrap left on the day. ”
D Stokes, Jan 2017

“I have just sampled a Figgy`s Christmas Pudding I received in a Hamper at Christmas. My wife and I agreed that it was the BEST Christmas Pudding we have ever tasted!”
A Paterson, Jan 2017

Just had to tell you how wonderfully delicious your pudding was yesterday!! It was a great finale to our festive menu and it was a unanimous and resounding success with everyone. Thoroughly deliciously yummy and your puddings will now be a new tradition to our Christmas Lunch!

S Hawksworth, Dec 2016

“Just a quick email to say that was the best Christmas Pudding we’ve ever had: my wife, my three sons and I demolished the whole lot and eagerly anticipate the other one for New Year’s Day!”
K Murphy, Dec 2016

“Just wanted to say that your puddings are amazing!!!!!”
D Chambers, Jan 2017

“Just a note of appreciation! A fine product (and we have tried a few), moist and tasty. Well done and thank you... another for next year!”
T Digges La Touche,  Jan 2017

“Lovely pudding as always!”
D Lloyd, Feb 2017

“Thank you for the most wonderful Christmas Puddings. When I was young my mother always made our Christmas Puddings, and since then we have tried many different brands, but nothing comes close to yours! Thank you so much for making this part of our Christmas perfect!”
R Wakefield, Jan 2017

“ Lovely taste - quite the best Christmas pudding we have eaten. You can expect us to be back for a 2017 version.”
P FitzGerald, Dec 2016

“Your service was superb - a pleasant and rare commodity today - and the puddings were absolutely fantastic!! I'd swear you'd pinched the recipe from my Gran. That's exactly what a Christmas pudding should taste like. ”
A Williamson, Jan 2016

“We love your puddings!! They are absolutely delicious - I anticipate buying them from you for many years to come. I don't think I could bring myself to buy a supermarket pudding ever again. ”
A Roberts, Jan 2016

“Thank you once again for a fabulous pudding. It is always a highlight of our Christmas lunch. It was enjoyed by 3 generations of my family who love the pudding as much as I do. Ordering and delivery are both very quick and easy. Looking forward to next year's!”
Amanda, Jan 2016

“Thanks for another terrific, tasty Christmas pudding. Delivered as promised in it's bowl ready to heat up and serve. Excellent service as always, we'll be ordering again next Christmas.”
W & V Sumner, Jan 2016

Just a quick note to say thank you for our wonderful  Puddings. They were the highlight of the Christmas dinner and enjoyed by everyone. This is the sixth year we have had them and they just get better!

C Bristow, Jan 2016

“Had to write this to say........what a fabulous pudding!! I ordered this at the last-ish minute having watched the James Martin programme. It arrived in good time for Christmas, beautifully packed and ready. I must confess this was the best Christmas pudding my family and I have ever eaten, with not a scrap left over! As long as I can order one from you, I NEVER intend to make another one again!”
E Carter, Jan 2016

“I Just wanted to write to say how delicious our pudding was. We saw the write up in the Mail on Sunday prior to ordering and were certainly not disappointed. Thank you so much for topping off our family Christmas lunch. We will certainly be recommending you and will be ordering again.”
N Hooper, Jan 2016

“I bought one of your Christmas Puddings this year and it was the best I have ever had in my 50 years of Christmas Puddings. It was so light and melted in the mouth, I had to have seconds for the first time in my life. I will forever order from you in the future and will tell everyone about you. Thank you so much for making my Christmas dinner extra special. ”
J Derham, Jan 2016

“Wow! What an absolute treat your pudding is. So light, so moist, so delicious. It will definitely be on my Christmas list for many years to come!”
A Daly, Jan 2016

“As always, the most scrumptious Christmas pudding imaginable. ”
A Middleton, Jan 2015

“We all thought the pudding was absolutely wonderful! Delivery was great too. Top marks and thank you!”
D Thompson, Somerset, Jan 2015

“Yours is the best Christmas pudding myself and my family have ever tasted. I can even tell you that members of the family who normally wrinkle up their noses at the mention of Christmas pudding, unanimously declared it delicious and tucked into a bowlful!”
T Bradley, Yorkshire, Jan 2015

“Undeniably one of the best tasting puddings my family and I have ever had!”

P Lewis, Pembrokeshire, Jan 2015

“The pudding was fantastic as usual. Taste and quality again this year was amazing and enjoyed by everyone. I now have everyone converted and it’s always a talking point - thank you”
C Kempton, Northampton, Jan 2015

“The pudding was splendid and arrived in good time, so thanks very much!”
E Pinch, London, Jan 2015

“We were very pleased with the service, delivery and above all the pudding itself. It was very tasty and well worth the money. We would definitely recommend it to friends and family and look forward to ordering another one this year.”
T Parker, Northampton, Jan 2015

“Your Christmas pudding was excellent. It reminded me of the lovely homemade pudding my Nan used to make. In fact it was so good that my six year old son ate it, having previously disliked every other (supermarket) pudding!”
L Ranford, London, Jan 2015

“The pudding was just great; I will never make another! It came in good time, in good condition, it burned like a little bonfire at the table and tasted superb.”
B Yong, Notts, Jan 2015

“Just to let you know that your puddings were delicious as usual. It’s so easy to order and I know that they will arrive in plenty of time. I wouldn't buy from anyone else!”
C Murphy, Devon, Jan 2015

“I have nothing but great things to say about your company! Fast delivery which was packaged so well. My mum absolutely loved the pudding (it was part of her Christmas pressie). I will be recommending you guys to everyone!”
C Shackleton, W Sussex, Jan 2015

“Your Christmas pud was everything I hoped it would be and more. The taste and texture were all about Christmas. Traditional and truly sublime, and not too heavy. It arrived well packaged and in good time and I will definitely be ordering this year. My only regret was that I didn't get a larger pudding as there was none left for me to have seconds on Boxing Day!”
D Axford, Essex, Jan 2015

“It was absolutely scrumptious, the perfect end to our Christmas meal!”
T Miller, Staffordshire, Jan 2015

“There was only one thing to say about your Christmas pudding - DELICIOUS!!! The whole family said the same. I don’t even usually like Christmas pud but you have me converted! I shall definitely be ordering one again next Christmas.”
J Griffiths, Shropshire, Jan 2015

“Your Christmas Pudding was as excellent as ever. I recommend them to all my friends and shall order another one for myself this year.” 
H Burwin, Devon, Jan 2015

“Full marks for delivery and packing - with real pudding basin and very easy cooking guidelines. This year I did not cook Christmas dinner myself but went to friends - taking the figgy pudding with me! It was very well received and much enjoyed: very fruity, moist, scrummy, terrific - being some of the comments.”
A Fielder, London, Jan 2015

“Typically people don't actually eat Christmas pudding, they just serve it.... out of tradition, etc. Yours is different - everyone wants it, everyone leaves room for it. There can be no higher compliment!”
J Gibbens, Hertfordshire, Jan 2015

“Your figgy pudding was as wonderful as ever, we thoroughly enjoyed it and are already looking forward to this year’s Christmas lunch... The presentation and delivery were excellent as always and your customer service is extremely friendly and personal.”
T Tovy, Somerset, Jan 2015

“Christmas Pudding: FANTASTIC! Customer service: FANTASTIC!”
J Yeabsley, Somerset, Jan 2015

“Your puddings are soooooooo good. This year we had two - the second was the centre piece of our unofficial second Christmas in January. So deep in flavour without that horrible stodginess of some puddings. Delightful. Thank you. We will, of course, be ordering again.”
D Hull, E Sussex, Jan 2015

“We have enjoyed your wonderful Christmas puddings for the last two years after sampling some at the Dartmouth Food Festival in 2013. In both years our orders arrived on time and the puddings were delicious and we have recommended them to friends and family.”
P Weedon, Devon, Jan 2015

“I have nothing but praise for your Christmas puddings – the service, delivery, reheating/cooking instructions, quantities were all totally spot-on and most importantly the puddings are delicious! ”
C Neilson, Wiltshire, Jan 2015

“Your puddings are absolutely scrumptious! They're just like mum used to make, being moist, fruity, tasty and ever so moreish. Delicious with warm custard and/or ice-cream. Helping after helping was had by all. They are also perfectly priced - in fact, GREAT value for money. ”
K Molloy, Dorset, Jan 2015

“Our Pudding was first class as always, along with your service and delivery. Thank you!”
P Maynard, Cheshire, Jan 2015

“Your Christmas pudding was absolutely delicious as always. I used to regularly make them myself, and I can assure you that yours are every bit as good, even better than the homemade variety and beautifully packaged!”
N Martin, West Midlands, Jan 2015

“The pudding was out of this world! Even family members who aren't huge fans of Christmas pudding loved it. I will be ordering again for many Christmases to come.”
N Thurston, Essex, Jan 2015

“Our pudding was delicious and had all good comments from my family. Much better than the normal ones. It scores 10 out of 10 from us!”
D Smith, Leeds, Jan 2015

“The Christmas pudding was AMAZING, so moist and light and full of flavour, really the nicest pudding we have ever had!”
J Broom, Hampshire, Jan 2015

All worked like clockwork - very easy to order on line, arrived on time and as expected absolutely delicious! Figgy's shouldn't just be for Christmas!
C Nicholson, Wiltshire, Jan 2015

“You provide a great service, puddings come well packaged and your postage is very reasonable. Your puddings continue to be a delight and we try to get all our family to sample them, wherever we may be at Christmas.”
G Wilkes, Somerset, Jan 2015

“We really enjoyed your Christmas puddings. Usually puddings are too heavy to eat after a Christmas dinner but yours were light and delicious.”
N Hegarty, Surrey, Jan 2015

“Delicious puddings – we taste tested yours against another ‘hand-made/gourmet’ offering and yours was the choice of everyone sitting around our Christmas table of seven.”
S Baldwin, Cambridgeshire, Jan 2015

“Pudding was fabulous - just like my mum used to make!”
J Cunliffe, Lancashire, Jan 2015

“The puddings are fantastic and my whole family enjoy them. Service and delivery are second to none and I know if I have any queries, Jo is always on the end of an email and replies promptly."
D Good, Kent, Jan 2015

“We had 13 for Christmas lunch and it was a unanimous vote from all the family your puddings were a winner. They are fruity, rich but surprisingly light; which for me is so important after the Christmas turkey!”
K Clark, Shropshire, Jan 2015

“Absolutely fantastic Christmas pudding, just like my Nan used to make! Will definitely be ordering again this Christmas.”
K Philpott, West Midlands, Jan 2015

“I ordered puddings for relatives as well as our own Christmas Day lunch. The feedback I got from the others has been excellent, with both saying that it was the best they had tasted. I loved the rich flavours and the moist texture. Customer service and communication is great, and there will definitely be repeat orders next year!”
D Bates, Lancashire, Jan 2015

“I will be ordering this pud every year. It was simply delicious, and we continued to eat it cold for a week! Gorgeous and moist; lovely with a cup of tea!”
L Knight, Hertfordshire, Jan 2015

“This was our third year of enjoying your puddings. It always brings back memories of the Christmas puddings when I was a kid. The only thing missing was the sixpence!”
S Hunt, Peterborough, Jan 2015

“The pudding we had was, again, its usual lovely self. Packaging was good and it arrived in one piece. Plus I like the personal contact you have with your customers. So, all in all, 10/10!”
S Ball, East Sussex, Jan 2015

“This is the third year that we have experienced the delicious Figgy’s Christmas pudding! They are absolutely yummy and so moist that they almost melt in your mouth. As I was unable to get to the fairs in 2014, that was no problem - I just made a telephone call and you delivered them so efficiently and well packaged. I will definitely be ordering a pudding from you next Christmas!”
H Rutledge, Dorset, Jan 2015

“The service was professional and friendly; ordering was easy, the pudding arrived as promised (beautifully presented, making it extra special); and most of all it was absolutely delicious!”
C Stansfield, Gloucestershire, Jan 2015

“Thank you for my pudding. I was totally delighted with it, both with the delivery service (amazing packaging, safe, secure and 100% recyclable), the presentation (in a traditional and re-usable china bowl, double tied with cotton cloth) and of course the taste, given a resounding thumbs up from everyone at the table.” 
H Smith, Kent, Jan 2015

“An absolute delight and a wonderful adventure for all of us. The perfect ending to our Christmas dinner!”
P Hooijen, Netherlands, Jan 2015

“Just to say how utterly delectable your Christmas pudding was - everyone wanted a second helping and all your awards and testimonals are utterly deserved. Truly delicious, can't wait to eat another one next Christmas! ”
Isobel, London, Jan 2014 

“Absolutely and without a doubt, the most delicious Christmas Puddings I have ever had - really fruity so that they weren't too stodgy or rich. Four generations of our family joined us on Christmas day and agreed with me! ” 
C Stavrou, Jan 2014

“Best Christmas pudding I've had!” 
A Prowse, Jan 2014

“We thoroughly enjoyed the pudding and I can truthfully say it was the best I have ever tasted.” 
J Pinkos, Jan 2014

“Probably the best Christmas pudding I have ever had. Very light, moist and not too filling.” 
A Morrell, Jan 2014

“Figgy's are great! Simple online ordering, efficient service, puddings arrived in good time for Christmas in smart, secure packaging and best of all the puddings are absolutely delicious. Would definitely recommend to friends (and have done so!). ” 
D Roach, Jan 2014

“The most scrumptious Christmas Pudding ever. The whole service from beginning to end was perfect and I don't say that very often these days!” 
A Middleton, Jan 2013

"We were delighted with the puddings this year; so too were friends and family who, following our glowing recommendations in 2011, also ordered puddings from you for Christmas 2012.”
I Proudlock, Jan 2013

“I can say unreservedly that your pudding this year (as with previous years) was absolutely delicious and possibly the best one I have ever eaten! ”
J Thomas, Jan 2013

Your Christmas pudding was absolutely delicious, the best we have ever tasted, and enjoyed by all.

P Shaxted, Jan 2013

“We have always made our own Christmas Pudding but yours went down so well with all the family we have decided not to make them again!”
C Searle, Jan 2013

“The pudding was delicious, fruity, moist texture, a proper 'pud' - by family acclaim the best we've had. My only regret is that I didn't buy more for us and for presents!”
O Jones, Jan 2013

“I can say unreservedly that your pudding this year (as with previous years) was absolutely delicious and possibly the best one I have ever eaten! ”
J Thomas, Jan 2013

“My family enjoyed your pudding immensely. I thought your service was top notch and would use you again....planning to this year!”
S Brown, Jan 2013

“The pudding was delicious! We have tried other Christmas puddings from various retailers, with some being more expensive, but they don't compare to yours.” 
W Newby, Jan 2013

“ The best Pudding we have had. It also lights up beautifully!”
M Mason, Jan 2013

“Thank you for another delicious pudding. We all said that it is the best Christmas pudding we have had.”
C Henry, Jan 2013

“The pudding was light, moist and absolutely delicious. I can't fault your customer service or the quality of the product. I shall order again and have recommended to friends already!”
J Adkins, Jan 2013

Your Christmas Pudding can be summed up in one word…..SUPERB!

J Moore, Jan 2013

“The pudding was fabulous, the best my family had ever had. We will definitely be buying one again next year.”
S Woolnough, Jan 2013

“Your pudding was fantastic. It was moist and deliciously rich, just as a Christmas pud should be.”
A Stafford, Jan 2013

“Very efficient ordering & delivery, and the pudding arrived in perfect condition. An annual and very delicious treat!”
H Boot-Handford, Jan 2013

Quite simply the loveliest, tastiest, most moist Christmas pudding I've ever had.

K Goodrum, Jan 2013